1. Admission

Professionals, trade and business visitors only. Minors and members of the general public will not be admitted. The organizer reserves the right to refuse admission or to remove any person without giving a reason. This also applies to build-up and dismantling periods.
Anybody under the age of 16 years will be refused admission into the exhibition halls at any time, from build-up to dismantling periods.

2. Promotions during the Show

Exhibitors are asked not to place stickers, signs or posters anywhere in the halls other than within their own stand and on paid advertising poster sites and billboards. Likewise, exhibitor’s representatives may not distribute promotional literatures, invitations etc along the aisles or near the entrances/exits of the exhibition halls, organizer’s facilities or any other areas which, in the opinion of the organizer, is deemed inappropriate and causes inconvenience to visitors and other exhibitors.

3. Segways and Other Wheeled Transportation

The use of segways, rollerblades, bicycles, skateboards, or other wheeled transportation not for the use of the physically challenged, is strictly forbidden.

4. Product Demonstrations & Presentations

The organizer appreciates that demonstrations and presentations form an integral part of exhibitions. Exhibitors, however, should exercise discretion to other exhibitors when carrying out demonstrations and presentations.

The operation of any sound device or image projector must not interfere with, or be an annoyance to neighbouring stands. Sound levels recorded at adjacent or oppo